Ocumetics Bionic Lens | This Bionic Lens Can Perfectly Fix Your Poor Eye Sight Within 8 Minutes

Ocumetics Bionic Lens


We all know that Poor Eye Sight is hell of a trouble, If not !  Ask the one who faces it every sec in their Life. The normal remedy for a poor eyesight may be a contact lens, Spectacles, and to the end is a surgery(Corneal Refractive Surgery which involves hell lot of trouble and money. But wait what if I tell you that you can fix your poor eye sight within minutes for almost forever.Let me tell you its not a contact lens, It is called as Bionic Lens which is made by the company Ocumetics.This Company is famous for its Camera Optics Solution.

What is Ocumetics Bionic Lens?

It is one of the most advanced intra-ocular Lens, that is capable of restoring quality vision at any distance. Without contact lens, spectacles(Glasses)., and without a major surgery. (such as Corneal Refractive Surgery).

How Bionic Lens Works?

It is first implanted to the eyes via a sub 2.7 MM incision.How?. By the same procedure followed by a Cataract Surgery. Which is a gentle procedure. It is placed in the eyes by Femtosecond Laser Incision Technology. (In Simple terms. It is implanted with the help of a syringe in which the lens is folded and later on implanted on the eye.)

Is It Safe?

The Bionic Lens is much safer than any other crystalline Lens. As we all know prolonged usage of general lenses may cause irritation, Blurred Vision, Redness, Dry Eyes. And many other problems.

But the Bionic Lens is made of Inert Bio Compatible Material . Which does not adversely effects the eyes.


The Bionic Lens is in the development stages. It will be made available to common people anytime soon. Reports suggested you may even start using it within near future.  Somewhere in 2017-18. That is Not so Long for such a great thing.

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