What TechReversed Is All About

TechReversed is about technology ?  Maybe 🙂 But it is certainly about you and every person who is concerned about the latest technology, Guides and Rest you know…

Ingredients of TechReversed

  • 1 Spoon  (actually a way more than that) of thinking of Youth.
  • Building relationships with people around The Globe.
  • Removing Unnecessary Mess.
  • Point to point Information. (Even now what you are reading is mentioned in points. So now you know how serious I am 🙂 )
  •  Great User Experience.
  • And Much More.


 The Man Behind TechReversed


I’m Jatin Lamba, I am The Man Behind (In front, side and in every possible direction) TechReversed. I’m a freelance web designer, blogger, developer, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and a Student of Computer Science and Engineering….Blah blah. You must Have thought that this is what I m gonna say (write actually). Wait… what I already wrote It ?

Anyways here’s my hobbies (Lets Brag a Little)

I love playing Guitar, listening to music, stay updated about technology and innovations around the globe and that’s what gave me the idea about creating a website on which I can share my knowledge with those interested and eventually I built this website named Techreversed, in which tech stands for technology and reversed here means inside out and unique in its own Simplified way.

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