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Hi Bloggers, Here’s The Most Genuine Ayboll Review with Proof & Screenshots. Before starting our Ayboll review, here’s a Quick Intro about Ayboll Ad Network

  • It is a native advertising network which displays Promoted content of other sites. (Almost Similar to Taboola & Outbrain. But Ayboll doesn’t ask for a million impressions as compared to Taboola -> minimum 5,00,000 Monthly page views & Outbrain-> minimum 10 million US page views).
  • It pays on the basis of eCPM (Effective Cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions), eCPC (Effective Cost per click) & eCPA (Effective Cost per Action).


Ayboll Review

Ayboll Review with Proof

According to their website they pay an average 6$ eCPM for US Traffic (see above screen shot of their website). Sounds too good right? But here’s the truth, I got 2,843 impressions in US, 2,221 impressions in India & Got 6,717 impressions Worldwide. (All this within less than 2 weeks). I know you must be thinking that it is not that much. I agree. But the point here is even after these many impressions & and a CTR (click through rate) of 0.21% My Revenue was 0 Yes you Read it right 0. You can have a look at my website Stats as per Ayboll below.

Note: Click on the screenshots in order to view them properly.

Ayboll Review with Proof

Ayboll Review With Proof

Ayboll Review With Proof 3

Ayboll Review with Proof

Below you can see my Dashboard in which you can clearly see there is no income even after these many impressions & clicks. I also contacted them but they did not replied.

Ayboll Review with Proof

When I was looking for Ayboll review on the web, I found stories of bloggers (who have million impressions) telling people that they earned great money by Ayboll. But my point here is that if you already have over a million impressions of your website then you can make some good money with almost every ad network. Then what about bloggers who just have started or may not have that much traffic? That’s why I shared my experience with you. Since I know how valuable each impression of a website is & how difficult it is to get each impression.

Ayboll Pros

  • Easy to implement.
  • Doesn’t make website slow.
  • Looks better than other banner ads.

Ayboll Cons

  • Doesn’t pay well.
  • Very Poor Support.


I would suggest you not to waste time, your hard work (impressions) and the ad space for a AD network that doesn’t give you results after 1 week of implementation.

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