Samsung Transparent TV | Samsung Smart Mirror | A Look Into The Future.

Hi Techies. In this post we will get to know about the Next Generation TV. Called as Samsung Transparent TV. Which is basically a O.L.E.D. ( Organic Light Emitting Diode). display. The Samsung Transparent TV has a unique design which allows it to be 40% transparent. And the Samsung Smart Mirror. Which is also a advanced display technology which have a characteristic of acting as mirror as well as a display. Sounds Exciting Right. So lets get started.

Samsung Transparent TV.

Samsung Transparent TV And Samsung Smart Mirror


Samsung has now unveiled its. Next generation display technology. Called as Transparent TV. This Transparent TV features a somewhat transparent O.L.E.D. Panel which allows it to be 40% transparent approximately. This TV can be used on any of the window in the home without compromising the view outside the window. As you can see in the above image. The Samsung Transparent TV is made by using a very slim glass panel which allows it to be placed anywhere in the home or can be easily mounted on a wall, window etc.

According to Samsung their O.L.E.D  Transparent TV is 4 times more transparent than its rival LCD manufacturers. Other features of Samsung Transparent TV are High Contrast ratio. Faster refresh rate. (approx 1 ms). etc.

Samsung Smart Mirror.

Samsung Smart Mirror and Samsung Transparent TV

The Samsung Smart Mirror is a augmented reality device by which people can view and interact with the environment. The Samsung Smart Mirror uses a Intel Real Sense i.e a technology which uses 3 D Camera. Gesture Controls.Voice Control etc. by which people can interact with the Smart Mirror. In simple words the Samsung Smart Mirror behaves just as the ordinary mirror but with added technological advancements. In the future you might be able Get Grooming Tips. Dressing Tips. etc from the Smart Mirror.

Pricing & Availability.

There is no news on the Pricing. Expect it to be costly…Very Costly. Anyways talking about its availability. It is expected to be available within next two years.

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