How To Unblock/Whitelist Your IP From JetPack | Simplest Method

Recently I Got This “Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations” Message While Logging in My WordPress Blog Which made me think “What the Heck I’m Blocked from my Own Blog “or “Someone Hacked My Blog”. I know you must have got same thoughts, No. Come on You are making this up (Pun Intended). Let’s Unblock/Whitelist your IP from Jetpack.

Here’s How to Unblock Your IP from Jetpack: Simplest Method

Since You have Got the message “Your IP(X.X.X.X)…” you will not be able to log from your internet or IP but you can borrow someone else’s internet which will have different IP than yours (I know this method might sound pretty obvious to some but it is the most simplest method). Once you have borrowed the internet, follow these steps…

  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Go to Jetpack>Settings>Find Protect Feature and then click on Configure.
  • There you will see a box, Copy the IP Address which has blocked and paste it in that block. (See Screenshot Below)
  • Finally Click on Save & Voila you have your IP Whitelisted or Unblocked.

Jetpack Unblock IP Address Screenshot

If you do not have access to other internet service provider ISP and you want immediate access to your blog Try Other Methods mentioned Below.

Unblock Your IP From Jetpack: Other Methods

Method 1st By Logging in Account

Follow these Steps.

  • Once You have logged In Go to My Sites>Settings>Security>Whitelist.
  • Enter your IP and click Save.
  • In case you Don’t know your IP Visit

Method 2nd By configuring wp-config.php file By FTP Manager in Your Control Panel

Note: Before Configuring wp-config.php file take backup of your website.

Here’s the steps

  • Log In to your FileZilla/CPanel and Go to FTP( In case of Filezilla)/FTP Manager(in case of CPanel) & Select Root since the wp-config.php is stored in Root of your WordPress Installation.

Now Find & Open wp-config.php and find the following Code Section


Replace X.X.X.X with your blocked I.P.

  • Click on Save.

In case You are facing any issues while unblocking your IP, Let Us Know via Comments. We are Happy to Help.