TOP 10 Features Of Windows 10 | Price-Launch | How To Get It Free

Hi Readers. We all knew that Windows 10 is in the works and can be launched anytime soon. So here comes Windows 10. In this post we will get to know about the Features, Price, Launch or Release date of windows 10. AND Not to forget. How you can get Windows 10 for FREE. So Lets Get Started.

Windows 10 Features.


Feature 1st. The Start Menu Is Back.

 Windows 10 Start Menu

One of the most noticeable feature of Windows 10. Is its Start Menu. Which was absent in windows 8. The Start Menu provides various functionalities in Windows 10. Such as Live Tiles which are re sizable.and various other features taken from Windows 8.1.

Feature 2nd. Improved Command Prompt.

Windows 10 Command Prompt Features


The Command Prompt of Windows 10 is improved. Now you can copy-paste commands in the command prompt. various other features. Such as Opacity of the Command Prompt can be increased/decreased.Some Experimental settings are also introduced. (as you can see in above screenshot).

Feature 3rd. Universal Apps.

Windows 10 Universal Apps Feature

Universal Apps is a new name for Windows/Metro/Modern Apps. In Simple terms you could be able to run windows  apps on all the devices from mobile to PC. The apps will be available for all devices on a single windows store.

Feature 4th. Floating Apps on Desktop.

Windows 10 Floating Apps Feature

Now the apps running on the system are allowed to float.(see in the above screenshot). This Feature helps in effective multitasking and switching between apps.

 Feature 5th. Cortana May Be Introduced.

Windows 10 Cortana Feature

Microsoft is supposed to be working on its. Voice Assist System called Cortana. The Cortana is somewhat similar to Siri in IOS. and voice assist in android.

Feature 6th. Improved Windows Explorer.

There are various improvements in the windows 10 Explorer. Such as introduction of Share button. New Default view of the Explorer. and other Miscellaneous Improvements.

Feature 7th. New Task View.


Windows 10 Task View

A New task view is introduced. In which task running can be seen and easily removed using task viewer. Users can now switch between virtual desktops.

Feature 8th. Continum.

Continum is a feature which detects the addition and removal of hardware from the device. This feature is great for 2 in 1 devices. In which if the keyboard is removed the software detects it. and sets the device for touch usage.

Feature 9th. Improved for Business & Enterprise.

Microsoft has added various functionalities for Business and Enterprise level usage. Such as Improved Data Security, Data Management, Customized Store. Etc.

Feature 10th. Miscellaneous Improvements.

Apart from the above discussed features. There are various Miscellaneous Improvements in Windows 10. Such as the O.S is optimized for performance, reliability. Various bugs are removed, improved error handling. Etc.

Windows 10 Release Date and Price.

Windows 10 is to be released on 29th July. It is said to cost. b/w. 110$. for the Home Package. to 199$. for Windows 10 Pro . I.e Its price in India will be around 6900-12550 Rupees approx.

How to Get Windows 10 For FREE.

There is a good news for the Windows 7-8 Users. The user who qualify the T&C of Microsoft. Can update their windows to windows 10.


  • Install. Get Windows 10. app on the system.
  • Click on Windows Icon.(Lower right side of the task bar.)
  • Then Click on. “Reserve Your Free Update”. When Prompted.

NOTE: The Free update facility expires after 29th July. So Hurry Up.

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