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I’m not what you would call a suspicious mom but the way my daughter had been disappearing in her iPhone lately had me worried. It bothers me that I have no way of knowing exactly what it is that is going on with her. Is she fighting with friends? Is she worried about something? Is she being threatened? I decided to end my paranoia the only way I knew how—with an iPhone/Android spy software. The app that I chose for this is called XNSPY.

How does XNSPY work?

I can guarantee that given the chance, any parent like me would want to go through their children’s phones. They’d want to read their messages, check their call logs and the like. That’s exactly what XNSPY does. It is basically an iPhone/Android monitoring software that gives you a complete insight into your child’s phones. I had to install it on my daughter’s iPhone when she wasn’t looking. But my life has been easier ever since.

Why is XNSPY a good choice?

My problem was that I’m not very good with smartphones as it is, so how in the world would I have known what to monitor? Thankfully, XNSPY has been designed for people like me because it is very simple to use. They also have a really cool customer services that responds instantly, so that helps when I think I’m not understanding one functionality or the other. My daughter has iOS 7 installed on her iPhone 5. But  XNSPY works for i.OS 6.x, 7.x & 8.x versions. XNSPY is also available for Android 2.3.x, 3.x, 4.x & 5.x. ( In short it runs on almost all iPhone’s and Android phones).

XNSPY features.

Honestly, any feature that I read that XNSPY has I wanted to use. But I’ll try and give you a summary.

Call monitoring.

  • I can record all her calls.
  • I can see her call logs.

Text monitoring.

  • I can read her sent/received texts.
  • I can know the time when they were sent.

I.M monitoring.

  • I can go through messages on WhatsApp.
  • I can read her Facebook messages.
  • I can see her Viber chats.
  • I can read her iMessages.

Multimedia monitoring.

  • I can see her gallery.
  • I can listen to her audio.
  • I can watch her videos.

You can Check rest of the info including XNSPY Price, Live Demo’s, Detailed XNSPY features. Here

Stay One Step Ahead!

Honestly, if I hadn’t gotten an iPhone spy software I would never have known that my daughter is being bullied bad enough to start developing an eating disorder. Every kid has reclusive phases, but it is the parent’s job to get to the bottom of it all. Installing XNSPY on their phones will only put you one step ahead of the problem.


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