How to Choose Best Performance Android smartphone in every price range

In this Article I m gonna tell you how to measure performance of a android Smartphone.Which will help you find your next smartphone.So if you are one of those who prefer performance more than anything else in the smartphone, then you are at the correct place (I mean at correct page).Here Best Performance android smartphone means a smartphone which have a great hardware in terms of graphics, computation, multitasking, read-write speeds etc.

Now you must be thinking how to know the performance of your current or future smartphone?And that I tell you is easy to find i.e. by an app named Antutu.


What is Antutu?

Antutu is an benchmarking app which checks overall performance of a smartphone including “Memory “, “CPU Integer”, “CPU Floating Point “, “2D 3D Graphics “, “Database IO”  Performances, “SD card read-write speed” etc.And provides a score depending on the different component performance in a smartphone.


What Antutu scores tell?

Plenty of the sites and geeks say that this score does not tell about the real world performance.But that is not true according to me. (I have seen it by myself) .Since these scores are drawn only by checking different hardware components in a smartphone and if the hardware used is great same as their score.


            Score Range     Remarks
                Up to 10,000 Average performance phones. Capable of handling day to day tasks only
        Between 10,000-20,000 Above average performance phones. Capable of handling moderately heavy tasks such as HD games.
        Between 20,000-30,000 Great performance phones. Capable of handling heavy tasks such as HD games while Multitasking.
              30,000 and above Excellent performance phones. Capable of Multitasking and High End Gaming.


How to obtain scores?

Once you have selected a few phones in your price range you can search the web for that particular smartphone by simply typing name or model of the phone followed by antutu score.And for your own android mobile score you can download antutu app. From play store or by directly through antutu website.

You can obtain Scores Directly from Here.

So now you know how to choose best performance android smartphone.

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