Cicret Bracelet | What Is It ? | Features-Pros-Cons.

What is Cicret Bracelet?


Cicret Bracelet


It is a wearable device (looks like a Bracelet). As you can see in the image above.Cicret Bracelet have a Pico projector and a row of eight proximity sensors that point towards the user’s forearm.


How it works.


Cicret Bracelet


Cicret Bracelet is standalone device.Can be activated with a twist of the wrist.Cicret Bracelet is first connected to a android smartphone, tablet or any android compatible device with basic connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc.

Cicret Bracelet projects an Android interface onto the user’s arm.The proximity sensors detect where the user’s finger or fingers are and allow them to interact with the interface as they would any other Android device.As you can see in above picture which shows how its proximity sensors sense the touch with the help of 8 proximity rows .


Cicret Bracelet Features.


Cicret Bracelet


The Cicret Bracelet features an accelerometer and a vibration module,along with an LED for notifications. Connectivity is provided by way of Wi-Fi,Bluetooth and a Micro USB port. It is expected to be made available in 16 GB. and 32 GB. models.


  • It allows users to send and receive emails.
  • Users can browse the web.
  • Play games.
  • Answer incoming phone calls.
  • Activate the speakerphone functionality on their smartphone.
  • It provides portability and Futuristic feel to the user.
  • Overall it is a great device for a smartphone user.


Pros of cicret bracelet.
  • Easy to use and have great functionality.
  • Provides a futuristic feel.
  • Portable.


Cons of cicret bracelet.
  • Cannot be used individually requires an android enabled device.
  • Display quality is not as rich as a glass display i.e. LCD ,LED etc.
  • Touch sensitivity is low.


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