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Hi Bloggers. Here’s The Honest Review With Proof & Screenshots. Before Starting Our Review, Here’s a Quick Intro of Network.

  • It is a native advertising network which displays Promoted content of other sites. (Almost Similar to Taboola & Outbrain. But doesn’t ask for a million impressions as compared to Taboola -> minimum 5,00,000 Monthly page views & Outbrain-> minimum 10 million US page views).
  • It pays on the basis of eCPM (Effective Cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions), eCPC (Effective Cost per click).

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According to their website they have Industry Leading eCPM’s. (see above screen shot of their website). But here’s the fact, I got 3,901 impressions and a CTR (click through rate) of 0.15%. (Most of which under 1 week of implementation).

Note: Click on the screenshots in order to view them properly. Review With Proof

Talking about the revenue, I Got a ECPM of 0.02$ (Is that what you call Industry Leading eCPM?) & a CPC (Cost Per Click) of 0.01$ and my total Revenue was 0.07$ (See Screenshot below). I know some of you might say that it depends where you put up the ads & Quality of traffic. In that case, Let me tell you, I placed these ads on my Primary as well as Secondary Sidebar (which has a visibility of almost 80% combined). Review With Proof

When I was Looking for review I found bloggers telling people that It is a great advertising network with high CPC & CPM Rate. The funny thing here I noted that even though they recommended it, they did not actually use it (or we can say they they did not monetized their website using native ads network). That is why here we are with the honest review to help bloggers like Us. (You can Thank Us Later).

Also, we found Network better as Compared to Ayboll (which is also a Native Ad Network). Pros

  • Doesn’t make website slow. ( Loads asynchronously)
  • Looks better than other banner ads.
  • Gets a better CTR as compared to banner ads. Cons

  • Very Low ECPM & ECPC.
  • Pays on the basis of NET 30 Terms.
  • High payment threshold (min 50$).


I would suggest you not to waste time, your hard work (impressions) and the ad space for an AD network that doesn’t give you results after 1 week of implementation.

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