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Hi Bloggers. Here’s The Honest Review With Proof & Screenshots. Before Starting Our Review, Here’s a Quick Intro of Network.

  • It is a native advertising network which displays Promoted content of other sites. (Almost Similar to Taboola & Outbrain. But doesn’t ask for a million impressions as compared to Taboola -> minimum 5,00,000 Monthly page views & Outbrain-> minimum 10 million US page views).
  • It pays on the basis of eCPM (Effective Cost per mile or cost per thousand impressions), eCPC (Effective Cost per click).

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11 Responses

  1. Thomas22 says:

    Hi, I currently use this on my website. The payouts have been quite low, but with no other options (eg. my view count is not on outbrains or Taboola’s level). I can see you are using Mgid, I have never heard of them? What is their payout like? CPC etc. Thanks for your help

    • Jatin Lamba says:

      Hi Thomas

      MGID is better compared to Ayboll & I m currently getting 0.13$ ECPM & 0.025$ ECPC. They have Min 50$ Payout.

  2. prawin kumar says:

    Hi Jatin, I found your review very informative. did you get any payout from mgid so far ?

    • Jatin Lamba says:

      Hi Pravin

      To be honest we did not have any payout from mgid as of now since we have currently removed mgid ads and we are testing adnow.

      • Mohamed Elkomy says:

        do you receive any payment from adnow yet ?
        the company have bad reputation by close accounts after payment time.
        hope you share you experience with us 🙂

  3. Anyikwa chinonso says:

    Thanks for your honest review.. Please I would love to know about adnow, because I noticed that you’re currently making use of adnow to monetize your blog..

    • Jatin Lamba says:

      Hi Anyikwa

      Thanks for your comment. Currently we are testing Adnow, will let you know as soon as we obtain results

  4. wawan says:

    If you act as advertiser this will show why the CTR is low on content ad, advertiser who advertise on content ad for a niche do not get specific category site info for their ads, they just enter URL, image and text ad and can not choose category, so for the first time their ads appears on every publisher site, until the get conversion then they block publisher site ID that not profitable. Then only on the profitable site the ads continue and there is high CTR ads. It means maybe your site will be get high CTR someday, just because not yet found the best advertiser.

  5. Ivan says:

    I was about to complain about my “low” earnings with but after reading this article and comments I realized I’m doing really good 🙂
    Today stats:
    8,375 impressions
    Clicks: 171
    CRT: 2,04%
    Sponsored Clicks: 171
    eCPM: 1,24$
    eCPC: 0,06$

    And this is what I consider LOW ! 5 or 10 years ago I was making a fortune with 10,000 pageviews per day with 2 now defunct websites. Nova days its less than half of that.

  6. Seema says:

    Thank you for sharing your informations. I really appreciate your Efforts

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